Wellmont Redevelopment

Recently, an exciting engagement was provided for the Township of Montclair, which invited us—exclusively— to assemble and acquire a number of properties, while closing a public street to create an arts and entertainment district centered around the 100-year-old Wellmont Theater.  The theater, which we renovated, has hosted approximately 250 concerts to date with Live Nation, the largest global concert promoter. The project broke ground in 2018 and will include a 15,000-sf public plaza, three garages totaling over 750 cars, 200 apartments, 30,000-sf of retail, 30,000-sf of office and 10,000-sf of new entertainment uses.  We were able to align ourselves with Brookfield Partners for this $130MM project to bring it to completion and we created a public/private partnership with the Township to effectuate the project.

wellmont redevelopment