Wellmont Theater Redevelopment in Montclair Breaks Ground

The Pinnacle Companies in partnership with Brookfield Properties and Ironstate Development is pleased to announce the groundbreaking of its Wellmont redevelopment project, known formally as the Seymour Street Plaza redevelopment project, in Montclair, NJ. The anticipated mixed-use district and arts center will be located in the area of Seymour Street and the Wellmont Theater off of Bloomfield Avenue. in downtown Montclair.

The historical Wellmont Theater will remain center stage with a parking garage and offices to be built next door. On the other side, a residential and retail complex with space for arts-related uses will be constructed. A minimum of 12 arts-oriented events will occur annually. A public pedestrian plaza will also run part of the length of Seymour Street, becoming a destination hub for New Jersey and New York residents.

The unanimously Montclair Planning Board-approved project includes 200 residences, 30,000 square feet of retail space and 10,000 square feet dedicated to arts-related uses. While the Wellmont redevelopment loses 297 metered and permit parking spaces, they will be replaced with the construction of three new parking decks and a lot on South Fullerton Avenue. The construction of the new Midtown Deck along Glenridge Avenue will add 130 more spaces for vehicles, bringing the total number of permanent parking spaces to be replaced to 427, more than the redevelopment plan requires.